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3 sisters embarking on a journey for hope.

RUP Designs was founded by three sisters in honor of a non-profit organization they were strong supporters of called Hope for Hope, Inc. The company sells a line of jewelry and proceeds go to the charity, specifically providing 19 girls in Kenya with access to clean water, food, education, and shelter. We were tasked with creating the company logo.

We focused in on the company background when designing their logo. The clean, silhouetted illustrations of 3 women in the logo portray the three sisters.

Feedback from Rup Designs founding President & CEO, Katie Rup, was extremely positive. The new logo has been received well by her customers and proceeds have contributed towards the continual support of the children’s home in Kenya.

I have known Jorge for years and we worked together very closely at an advertising agency about 3 years ago. He was the first person I went to when I wanted a logo for my company. He has a solid reputation for producing captivating design solutions, strengthened by conceptual thinking, and thorough attention to detail. He is reliable, sharp, and only provides his clients with top-notch design solutions. When we described the type of logo we were looking for he came back to us with blends of creative, strategic, captivating, striking, and powerful ideas. We LOVE the Rup Designs logo and it appears on clothing, our website, business cards….everywhere! We recently formed a partnership with ATHLETA at The Gate at Manhasset in Manhasset, NY, where the logo will be readily available at any events that take place in the future. Jorge has created a logo to a brand that will hopefully live on forever.
Katie Rup, Founding President & CEO of Rup Designs.